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October 9, 2007

#96 New Directions

96 New Directions

Double strip because I thought the quiet, scene-setting top half was insufficiently zammo for an update. Though Lance is getting lipsticked by prankster Michelle. Payback?

Drawn during Uncommon Women and Others.

The circus train chugs off into the night. Eskimo stares through the barred train windows and writes on some parchment. In another car, Toggles and Kyra play cards, while Michelle grins mischievously over a sleeping Lance, holding a lipstick. Meanwhile, Bob hangs out with his rats and a tiny flaming hoop.
BOB: Now, I don’t like to be a hardass, but you gotta learn to jump through the hoop.
A rat holding a tiny glass leaps through the hoop. As he’s jumping, the brandy in his glass catches fire. He drops it, and it immediately lights the greasepaint-soaked tablecloth.
BOB (surrounded by flames): … This can’t be good.

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