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October 4, 2007

#95 Performance Review

95 Chocolate Milk

Eskimo respects authority, even when it’s not hers.

ESKIMO: Where the hell were you?
The lion gives Eskimo the cold shoulder.
BOSS: Y’know, Eskimo, it’s not good if you can’t even get your lion to show up to a performance. I don’t like to be a hardass, but if you can’t work it out…
ESKIMO: I know. I’ll try harder, sir.
Across the tent, Selene is yelling at Lance.
SELENE: I hope you know that I will never thank you for that embarrassing and unnecessary rescue attempt! You ruined my routine!
Selene stomps off. Eskimo looks sympathetically at Lance. She takes his arm.
ESKIMO: We need some chocolate milk.

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