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June 15, 2007

#51 It’s *Almost* Like Praying

51 It’s *Almost* Like Praying

Lance’s old-fashioned Christian upbringing has taught him to believe there’s no preventing eternal damnation; considering he only has a devil on his shoulder now, maybe he’s not far off. And Krys thinks “you” (Eskimo) has a shot, not “we”. What’s that about? Dark past, awareness of own general bitchiness, or just general atheism? (Your guess is as good as mine. If I had an idea when I wrote the comic, I don’t remember it now.)

Note the Jets and Sharks in the background.

LANCE: Captain…
ESKIMO: We’re going to die horribly together. You can call me Eskimo.
LANCE: I’m sorry I used my sexy dashingness for evil instead of for good.
ESKIMO: It’s OK. You tried to use it to save us. I guess you’ve learned your lesson… ‘Why buy the milk, when you can kill the cow for fun?’
Peg pushes them along the plank with her sabre.
ESKIMO: Do you think we’ll get into heaven?
KRYS: Since our catalogue of piratical acts consists of ‘helping islanders avoid late fees’ and ‘mildly irritating a murderess,’ I think you might just have a chance. kl

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