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June 18, 2007

#52 Free At Last

52 Free At Last

Krys turned down the first mate job, but it looks like she is a little jealous of the captain/mate bond.

So we get some insight about what happened between Peggy and her husband. He seems pretty cool. But did she kill him or not?

My foreshortened blades leave much to be desired.

Back to back in ropes, Eskimo grasps Lance’s hands for comfort. Krys looks miffed, and covers their clasped hands with hers. Peg grins evilly, then suddenly frowns. She sighs and cuts the ropes with her sword.
PEG: Come on, into the rowboat.
ESKIMO: You’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth.
KRYS: You’re also not supposed to stick your tongue in it.
PEG (responding to Lance): It’s just, as you were standing there ready to die and clinging to two women who are not me, you looked so much like my husband!

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