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June 14, 2007

#50 I Like the Island Manhattan

50 I Like the Island Manhattan

Everybody’s so cheerful and friendly in Imaginary New York, even the mugger and the man with the suitcase full of cash whom he is currently stabbing.

Chefelf’s girlfriend is the Riddler, maybe! I like how Chefelf doesn’t fill in her face or what kind of flower he is giving her. He just doesn’t have enough information!

And so we get the Eskimo/Chefelf origin story, sort of. I wonder when this happened.

CHEFELF: Newwww Yooorrrk…
New York As Imagined By An Elf Who Has Never Been There consists of happy-go-lucky murderers and bums and the Statue of Liberty giving the thumbs-up next to a giant apple.
CHEFELF: Newww Yooorrk…
Girlfriend As Imagined By An Elf Who Has Never Met Her wears a suit made of question marks. They dance and have dinner together.
CHEFELF: I… I can’t go. I have to follow my captain.
OTHER CHEF: What did she do to get you to pledge unerring loyalty for all time?
ESKIMO: Your backpack’s open.
CHEFELF: Thanks.

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