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June 11, 2007

#47 Churl, Interrupted

47 Churl Interrupted

Lance’s reaction when someone tries to lick him? I’m sorry to say that has occasion to be drawn from life. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be licked by a good woman, but there is pretty much zero chemistry there and Krys knows it. But he’s the only man available.

I guess Jeanne sort of counts as a churl.

JEANNE (coming up from below deck): Oh, good, they’re all awake. What’s the present torture?
PEG: I’m letting them speculate about each other’s sexuality.
JEANNE: Mm… Lesbian, lesbian, bisexual.
KRYS: Why does everyone think this about me?!
LANCE: Have some lesbian pride, Krys… Like me.
ESKIMO: What do you want from us, Jeanne?
JEANNE: It’s quite simple–
KRYS: Just because I’m strong and badass doesn’t mean I don’t like men! I love men! Look!
She leans toward Lance, lips puckered. She can’t quite reach him. She sticks out her tongue. Lance dodges away, looking slightly grossed out. Jeanne and Eskimo watch.
JEANNE (turning back to Eskimo): It’s quite simple, Mademoiselle Jones…

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