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June 12, 2007

#48 The Ultimatum

48 The Ultimatum

A reader expressed surprise that Krys made a Highlander reference. She has unexplored nerd depth!

Another reader expressed disappointment that my knowledge of keelhauling apparently comes from Wikipedia. SO SUE ME.

JEANNE: I want you… to give up piracy.
ESKIMO: What?!
JEANNE: You heard me. Give up p
JEANNE: This lake isn’t big enough for the both of us. I’m sick of getting lumped in with you. “Those annoying girl pirates.” There can be only one!
ESKIMO: You’ll have to kill me first!
JEANNE: That can–
KRYS: And to kill her you must take her head!
JEANNE: That can be arranged. Keelhaul them!
ESKIMO: Ha! Full-body lacerations won’t stop Eskimo Jones and her fearless crew!
JEANNE: Bow to stern.
ESKIMO: eep.

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