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May 31, 2007

#40 Kindness of Strangers

40 Kindness of Strangers

That poor blond boy will never trust again.

KRYS (tying on her bandanna): Well, guess I better go after Eskimo.
CHEFELF: I’ll stay here in case she signs on ICQ.
Outside the hotel, a guileless blond boy approaches Krys, holding a lighter.
BOY: Excuse me, Miss, did you lose–
KRYS (pushing him): Outta my way, jerkwad!
She passes a surly goth.
GOTH: Hey. You. Gimme a light.
KRYS: Sure. I think I got some matches somewhere.
GOTH: Didn’t see you at that wretched dance.
KRYS: I’ve been in my room, playing video games!
GOTH: Flames of jealousy consume my blackened soul. Why the hell did you come out here?
KRYS: Gotta save my captain from a shrill, annoying baby poser-pirate.
GOTH: Ah. I know the breed well.
KRYS: Well, Jeanne Darkskies is the worst of them all. You know her?
GOTH: Oh yes…
The goth throws a burlap sack over Krys’s head.
GOTH: …She’s my captain.

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