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May 30, 2007

#39 All’s Fair

39 All’s Fair

You got violence in my kissing! You got kissing in my violence! Hey…

Eskimo and Jeanne fence on deck; below, in Peg’s cabin, Lance sucks Peg’s earlobe. Eskimo and Jeane clash swords. They parry and thrust over the length of the deck. Eskimo smiles, the fight going her way. Quick cut to Krys cheering, having done well at the video game in the hotel room, while Chefelf smiles over her shoulder. Quick cut to Peg biting down hard on Lance’s neck. Back to Jeanne, who grins, suddenly leans forward and gives Eskimo a comical kiss. Eskimo makes a face of disgust. Jeanne elbows her in the face.

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