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May 21, 2007

#32 Sea Quest

Sea Quest

“…Her cabin!” is a joke from the original.

I have no explanation for the size of the lettering in this strip.

In the hotel room, Krys and Chefelf play video games. Eskimo appears before them in scuba gear.
ESKIMO: Well, I’m off to beat Jeanne. I’m going to hit her where she lives…her cabin. This is something I have to do by myself, all right?
ESKIMO: I know it’s a lot to ask from a loyal crew, but I need you to promise you won’t come after me, okay?
KRYS (o.c.): Mm.
ESKIMO: And tell Lance when he comes in… where is Lance, anyway?
KRYS: Uh… I think he ran out to the ice machine.
Cut to Lance determinedly rowing a small boat.

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