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May 10, 2007

#25 Caged!


I think Krys’s fight was about sexism, but it might have been race.

Title is a reference to a possibly lesbian women’s prison movie? I think? I haven’t seen it.

Would that be Dread Pirate Roberts’ rules of order?

A guard manhandles Eskimo into a cell.
ESKIMO: I’m going, I’m going!
She rests her head on her hands.
We pan over to show that Krys is sitting on the other end of the bench.
KRYS: Hey, Captain. What are you in for?
ESKIMO: Climbing on the furniture… apparently such conduct is unbecoming an officer. You?
In a brief flashback, we see Krys facing down two large muscular pirate crewmen.
PIRATE 1: I’m just saying–
KRYS: No, look–
PIRATE 2: Shh, you don’t have the floor!
PIRATE 1: If you insist that everyone is the same, you deny diversity–
KRYS: You’re denying within-group diversity! It’s a continuum–
PIRATE 2: If you won’t follow Robert’s rules of order–there’s no point in attempting reasoned discourse!
Back in the present moment:
KRYS: I got into a fight.
ESKIMO: Of course.

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