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April 25, 2007

#14 Man Down!

14 Man Down

In-joke alert: Chefelf is listing stars the real Chefelf has seen in New York.

Krys is on her game this strip. Wowza.

The Script

KRYS (cradling the injured Chefelf): Captain, retreat! We can’t win!
KRYS: Hey, captain, you hungry?
ESKIMO: Huh? Uh, a little.
KRYS: Well, too bad, cause you’re not getting dinner tonight! Or ever! Cause our cook will be dead!
CHEFELF: I’m seeing stars! Leelee Sobieski… Christina Applegate… H. John Benjamin!
ESKIMO: Lance, any ship’s doctor know-how?
LANCE: It depends. Does this lake have leeches?
KRYS: … Normally I’d point out all the things wrong with that, but we only have so much time. Can you say something 40% as stupid?
LANCE: I could close the wound, if we had any buttons.
KRYS: You’re not very good at math, are you?
ESKIMO: *sigh* Set course for the emergency room.

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