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April 26, 2007

#15 No Superman

No Superman

I’m pretty sure the rotator cuff is a muscle. You should be able to bend it with no problem.

E.R. Nurse Guy seems to be counting “your group” as Eskimo, Lance, and Krys (Chefelf being, I suppose, in a different category now that he is a patient). That or he is counting Chefelf as 64% topless.

KRYS: Man, service with a smile! This is nothing like when I came in here with my bent rotator cuff.
NURSE: It’s called “triage.”
DOCTOR: It’s also called “medical personnel don’t respond well to threats of violence.”
KRYS: Ha ha, yeah! My shoulder was hurt but I could still swing. Good times, guys, huh?
DOCTOR (to Chefelf): Don’t worry. I won’t hold knowing her against you.
NURSE: How come 66% of your group is topless?

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