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April 2, 2009

#250 Regrets Only


She didn’t say it was a positive RSVP. Do Batman’s polite refusals look an awful lot like Bruce Wayne’s gracious acceptances to you? Alfred must be moonlighting.

For your party-planning reference:

Eskimo’s Three Favorite People (present moment):
1. Calico Jack Rackham
2. Captain Scott
3. Boadicea

Lance’s Three Favorite People (in this order):
1. Lance
2. Jesus
3. Eskimo

FYI, I’m trying to stick to the Tuesday/Thursday schedule these days, but a special bonus comic (the cover of this storyline) will occur on Sunday. See you then!

JERIA: I’m taking Robbie and her little pals to a special dinner when I get back… You don’t have to make a big to-do.
ESKIMO: Everyc child deserves a great seventh birthday party!
CUT TO: Child Eskimo wearing a conical hat on a makeshift sailing raft
JERIA: Don’t go nuts. I have a lot of breakables in my house, and I don’t need a lot of kids tramping around.
JERIA: I mean, I love my child and prefer not to spoil her.
ESKIMO: Fear not. My guest list is comprised of Robbie’s three favorite people.
JERIA: Batman, Dora the Explorer, and Lance?
ESKIMO: I have one RSVP already!
RSVP: “Batman regrets that he is currently unable to accept invitations of a social nature.”

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    Coincidentally (*or is it?*) today is Molly’s seventh birthday.

    Comment by mamaredcloud — April 2, 2009 @ 2:50 pm

    Hee hee! It is coincidental. I did not remember when Molly’s birthday was.

    There are some similarities between Robbie and Molly which are not coincidental, but most of them are.

    Comment by Laura — April 2, 2009 @ 3:18 pm

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