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March 31, 2009

#249 Gonna Have a Good Time


Eskimo doesn’t do things by halves.

For your edification: my biyearly new article.

ROBBIE (running by): I hate this family!
ESKIMO: Ah, Robbie has reached six.
JERIA: Turning seven, actually. I feel terrible. I’m going to be in LA on her birthday. Listen, she loves you two. You’re the best baby-sitters we’ve had… for the most part…
ROBBIE (singing): Mama couldn’t pay the rent, the price of booze no cheaper…
Lance smiles beatifically, changing the record in the player, while Jeria taps her foot.
JERIA: Can you take care of her for the day? Just make her feel a little special. I’ll give you money for a..
ESKIMO: Rockin’est party ever! The day will live (etc etc)
JERIA: …little conical hat or…

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