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January 22, 2009

#235 Application Application


Here I am, a day late and a dollar short as usual!

I must have had something in mind when I made Krys pointedly change the subject, but, to be perfectly honest, dear reader, I’ve got no clue now what it was.

KRYS: Why don’t you fill that out instead of looking at it all night?
ESKIMO: Me? I’m not exactly the college type.
KRYS: Why not? You’re smart. How old are you now, seventeen?
ESKIMO: Just eighteen.
KRYS: Perfect timing. Go for it.
ESKIMO: But I haven’t read “Julius Caesar” or taken the PSATs or gone to the homecoming dance.
KRYS: Those other kids haven’t sailed schooners or run their own island. Face it, you’ll have a kickass essay.
ESKIMO: Did you go to college?
KRYS: Yes.
ESKIMO: What did you major in?
KRYS: I don’t think that’s pertinent.
ESKIMO: Flower arranging? Home ec? Anthropology?
KRYS: Oh look, TV.

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