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January 13, 2009

#232 Kindness of Students


This is a day late for exactly no reason. I drew it on time, I was thinking about uploading it, and then I didn’t. La!

Eskimo goes to the This Glorious City University Library.
She stands at the stacks, awed.
She brings a whole stack of books to the checkout desk.
GIRL: Excuse me. I think you dropped this.
The girl gives Eskimo her own ID, reading KAREN BOATPORT.
Eskimo checks out the books.
ESKIMO: Thanks.
KAREN: Hey, I forget my ID all the time. Just get them back on time.
ESKIMO: I swear it on my life.
KAREN: Don’t go overboard. Cartography books, huh? What’s your major?
ESKIMO: Marine… piracy… sciences.
KAREN: No kidding! Who did you have for intro?

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