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#187 Mandrake: Krys and Phil in the Big City

Saturday, May 24th, 2008


I don’t know why I bother calling these Mandrake comics when Mandrake isn’t even in them.

My rendering of New York is not much more accurate than Chefelf’s daydream. It’s sort of the city in Blade Runner, maybe? And Abraham Lincoln is there? And there’s a king? I don’t know if he’s the king of New York or just a random king. I guess they have the United Nations there.

This was drawn, inked, scanned, and posted at work (I take casual Friday seriously. Casual Friday means you don’t do work, right?) before I dashed off to spend the weekend with the real Eskimo Jones, who, by the way, totally works on a boat now. Life imitates art. Maybe she can give me some retroactive technical advice on sailing and piracy.


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