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#189 The Girl Is Mine

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


Aw, Eskimo and Lance are all grown up and fighting over women. Also, Lance is weirdly aware of the fourth wall. Huh. Wonder how long that’s been going on.

I think that list of the Girls of Lance is complete and accurate, although technically, it’s not clear if he ever actually kissed Kyra. We are pretty sure she felt him up inappropriately while measuring him for a costume, but beyond that, we cannot tell. As for Eskimo, she was actually kissed by Jeanne, but as it was a quick heat-of-battle kind of smooch, and since it was abhorrent to her, I don’t blame her for not counting that.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to get to putting up the highlights of the old “classic” versions of some of the now-completed storylines (Greatest, My Fair), the way I did with Port Side Story. I haven’t done it yet, but in the meantime, enjoy this two-page snatch of old-school Lance and Eskimo, from circa 2001. (Anna, I’m looking at you.)


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