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December 15, 2007

#131 O Come All Ye Faithful


Peggy isn’t coming. I’ll tell you that right now.

ESKIMO (making a list): Jeria and Robbie, obviously.
LANCE: How about the new guy in the attic–have you met him?
Cut to: Eskimo outside the apartment, meeting Rory, a very tall, thin youngish man
ESKIMO: I’m Eskimo Jones, mighty pirate! Forced to give up a successful career due to my overwhelming honor!
RORY: I’m Rory! I was turned into a real boy through science!
Cut back to present
ESKIMO: Yeah. He’s pretty cool.
LANCE: Put down Peggy.
ESKIMO: Peggy. OK. I just need a street address, and an assurance that she won’t try to KILL US ALL.
LANCE: Put down Peggy in the maybe column.

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