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October 25, 2007

#104 Epilogue

104 Epilogue

Bob and Eskimo walk up a hill. A sign reads “Welcome to This Glorious City.”
BOB: Looks like we almost made it to the city. It’s a good place to look for work, if you’re not staying with the circus.
ESKIMO: Is that what you’re going to do?
BOB: Nah… I stick with the boss.
Lance stands before the adoring girls and boss, with his arm in a sling.
BOSS: You could go far with us, kid!
LANCE: Thanks, but I stick with my captain.
Eskimo and Julian regard each other suspiciously.
ESKIMO: So… I guess this is goodbye. At least we can part not complete enemies.
Julian walks off. Eskimo frowns. Julian looks behind him, then grudgingly returns and shakes Eskimo’s hand.
ESKIMO: Come on, Lance! I have a feeling our next adventure is just over that ridge…
She points at the city skyline just beginning to appear over the horizon.

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