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September 22, 2007

#90 Mandrake: The Attack

90 Mandrake: The Attack

Ah, blatant fanservice. The most popular thing I’ve ever written is probably Pirates vs. Ninjas, which I claim to have written before it was cool, although I’m pretty sure even at the time I knew I was pandering.

Before you send me irate emails informing me that the plural of “ninja” is not “ninjas”, note that Mandrake pluralized it correctly.

Mandrake, Krys, and Phil are riding in the corporate limo. There is a “THUMP” on the roof.
PHIL: What was that?!
MANDRAKE: Corporate ninja! I knew they would be after my trade secrets!
KRYS: Now is my time to shine.
PHIL: Wait, Krys! Do you know how to fight ninjas?
KRYS (grinning): Honey… I’m a pirate.

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