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September 20, 2007

#89 My Dinner with Eskimo

89 My Dinner with Eskimo

This sequence was in the original sketchbook comic, suggested by Paul. I don’t often steal verbatim, except when I do because I think it’s funny. From Lance’s “Did you ever see…” to the end is pure My Dinner with Andre.

BOB: So, you want to know more about Michelle?
LANCE: She’s the one with the elephant?
ESKIMO: Yes Lance, that is Michelle.
BOB: Michelle is like chablis, a sassy explosion of taste that–
ESKIMO: You’ve already used chablis.
BOB: Okay, fine. Michelle is like a young chardonnay–all brashness and life and victor–with not a hint of pretentious–evoking the fresh scent of a field of dewy violets.
LANCE: Did you ever see the play, “The Violets Are Blue”? Because what you just said reminded me of that. (dreamily) It’s about peopel being strangled on a submarine.
(long silence)

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