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September 1, 2007

#82 Mandrake: The Apology

82 Mandrake: The Apology
So maybe Krys has never kicked a puppy, but she did cause one to be kicked, once.

PHIL: Whoa, looking sharp, Jane Bond!
KRYS: Thanks.  Hey, I wanted to apologize for, you know, tying you up.
PHIL: Oh, no problem. Sometimes you have to do a stunt to get a job. I know you would never really have hurt me.
KRYS: I would never really have–wait, how do you know that?
PHIL: You just seem like a deep-down, sweet person.
KRYS: Well, I’m not! I’m a bad person. I was a pirate, you know. I kick puppies.
PHIL: When?
KRYS: What?
PHIL: When have you kicked a puppy? Give an example.
[long pause]
KRYS: You’re on my list.

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