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August 25, 2007

#79 Mandrake: The Job Offer

79 Mandrake: The Job Offer

I have still not made this clear in the comic, but the secretary’s name is Phil, so I am going to call her that.

I like all the cutesy stuff on her desk. The picture of the horsie in the waiting room was clearly her idea.

And I like how she’s desperately trying to give Mandrake some work she’s done. How industrious! That note mixed in with the spreadsheets says “Help Me.”

Forgot to color Mandrake’s nose in the last panel. Now you can’t NOT see that.

Mandrake and Krys emerge from Mandrake’s office into the hallway where the secretary, Phil, is tied to her chair and gagged.
KRYS: I’m telling you, your security situation is unacceptable. You see what I was able to do?
MANDRAKE: Well then. It appears I may just have a job for you after all. Bodyguard?
Mandrake and Krys shake hands.

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