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July 12, 2007

#64 The Interview

64 The Interview

Ah, the Word resume wizard. By “padded” Lance possibly means “pressed ‘enter’ a lot on.”

CLOWN: I bet this is the first time you’ve been interviewed in a boxcar!
ESKIMO: You’d lose that bet!
Quick flashback: young Eskimo sits across from a hobo tapping a pen against a legal pad.
HOBO: Uh-huh. And what about extracurriculars?
Back in the present day
CLOWN: Why should the circus hire you?
ESKIMO (indicating her pirate coat): I have this snazzy coat!
Quick meanwhile over to Lance, holding up his leather jacket for his interviewer
LANCE: Ahhhh!
Back to Eskimo
CLOWN: Ah, yes, I noticed your lion tamer coat the moment you came in. Tell me, what is your favored lion type?
Eskimo grins ruefully
A short while later, Eskimo runs excitedly to Lance who is leaning against a tree outside.
ESKIMO: Lance, guess what! I’m the new lion tamer!
LANCE: Cool. I’m a trapeze artist.
ESKIMO: Oh, God. How did we get ourselves into this?
LANCE: I may have padded my resume.
Lance’s Resume:

No Fixed Address

1981-2000 Stragely Anachronistic School

I like hanging around.

I am interested in girls.

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