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July 10, 2007

#63 Just Don’t Call Me a Cab

63 Just Don’t Call Me a Cab

It’s funny because Spider-man IS boring!

Lance and Eskimo walk along a train track. Lance carries his leather jacket under his arm. Eskimo has a bindle.
ESKIMO: Lance, I think it’s time for us to grow up and become real people with real, grown-up jobs.
LANCE: OK… like what?
ESKIMO: You know… something boring.
LANCE: Garbage man?
ESKIMO: More boring.
LANCE: Stunt man?
ESKIMO: You’re not even trying.
LANCE: Spider Man?
ESKIMO: Close but no. I was thinking more like “broker.”
LANCE: What’s a broker?
ESKIMO: You know… you broke things.
LANCE: I never even touched ‘em!
ESKIMO (alarmed): Who’s on first?
LANCE (pointing): Hey, check it.
ESKIMO (awed): Lance…
They stand in front of a giant sign reading “Dewey & Cheatem’s Circus, Now Hiring.”
ESKIMO: I think we found our calling!

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