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May 16, 2007

#29 Procession and Nightmare

Procession and Nightmare

The thing about Josh is one of the jokes salvaged from the original. Eskimo has no particular beef with Josh, she just thinks he’s kind of a tool.

Eskimo and Krys run into Lance in the hallway.
ESKIMO: Lance! It’s good to see someone on the outside. Now is the time to buckle down and FIND JEANNE. For REAL.  And bring her DOWN. Her and her lousy first mate Josh. (with unspeakable rage) –Josh–!!
KRYS: So what have you been up to while we were in JAIL?
LANCE: Uh… I gave a girl my number.
ESKIMO: We don’t have a phone.
LANCE: Yeah… it was the wrong one.
KRYS: Ha! How’d you manage that?
LANCE: Well, it was written down in my wallet…
KRYS: Didn’t you throw that at the enemy?
The gears in Lance’s head grind.
We see Jeanne and Peggy (the woman Lance was flirting with earlier) in the doorway.
JEANNE: Security must be lax here. Oh well. As long as you’re here… you can meet my new first mate.

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