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May 14, 2007

#27 I Just Met A Girl Named… Uh… Named…

I Just Met A Girl Named… Uh… Named…

Yeah, I’m pretty sure if Peggy calls the number on the photograph she’ll just reach West Dormitory, Stragely School.

Lance’s true romantic nature is also drawn from me: I’ve been known to imagine side-by-side graves in anticipation of a first date. My rationale is, things could go badly, and if I don’t imagine a together-forever ending for us now, it’ll never get imagined!

PEGGY: Hey, you’re lucky I’m giving back your photo.
LANCE: Would you rather keep it?
PEGGY: Hmm… no girlfriend, you say…
LANCE: Nope.
PEGGY: Maybe I’ll call the number on it someday.
Lance watches her walk away, blushing hopelessly. He quickly imagines an escalating series of scenes: his and the girl’s first date; their wedding; their child; their joint gravestone; himself happily shoveling coal in hell, dreaming of her in heaven.
(Lance realizes)
LANCE (dramatically): That’s my OLD number!

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