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May 8, 2007

#23 I Saw The Sign

I Saw The Sign

How is Eskimo’s crew affording a hotel room with wireless?

“To conference room B!” is my new catch phrase.

ESKIMO (reading a large fold-out promotional map): They went all out for this pirate convention… Ooh, there’s a kitchen stadium upstairs.
CHEFELF: Can’t we just hang out in the room? There’s free wireless!
ESKIMO: Come on, represent us! You’re the only one of us with any sort of skill or value in life. (turning) No offense.
LANCE AND KRYS: None taken.
ESKIMO: Come on, Lance. Jeanne is sure to be in the officers’ club. To conference room B!
KRYS: Stuff for officers, stuff for cooks… what about crew, huh? Where do WE go?
They spot a large sign with an arrow pointing to “GROG.”
KRYS: oooOOOooo!

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