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May 4, 2007

#21 Men Against the Lake

Men Against the Lake

You have to look at the background in order for there to be a punchline to this one.

Thus concludes storyline #1! If it feels insufficiently resolutiony, that’s because it’s mainly kind of a prologue to “Port Side Story,” which starts… right now.

The crew navigates the lake in a rowboat: Krys rowing, Eskimo looking through a spyglass, and Lance and Chefelf enjoying teacakes under a parasol.
KRYS: We’ve been up and down the lake. She’s not here.
ESKIMO: Rrgh! Slipped through my fingers again! That damned–elusive–redheaded–weed!
They row by the dock, on which a large friendly sign reads “PIRATE CONVENTION ALL WEEKEND!”
ESKIMO: Where–can–she–BE?

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