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April 30, 2007

#17 I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

My idea of conveying a Boston accent is apparently just to pepper Jeanne’s speech with vaguely 1980s schoolyard taunts. The thing is, I’m from Boston.

Eskimo bungles a reference to “Monkey Island.” When did she have time to play that?

Lance’s “easy, easy” kind of kills the setup-to-punchline transition. I should have probably just showed that with body language.

ESKIMO: We fought well into the night. She was a formidable opponent.
FLASHBACK JEANNE: I spit in your face, you species of queerbait!
FLASHBACK ESKIMO: You fight like a cow, which is appropriate, cause–you’re fat?
ESKIMO: Finally, she slipped through my fingers. The island, the lighthouse — all my stuff is technically hers! Or, fake France’s. I FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO CHALLENGE MY NEMESIS AND I’M STUCK HERE WHILE SHE’S UNDOUBTEDLY PLANNING HER NEXT MOVE!
LANCE: Easy, easy.
Cut to: Jeanne, putting together a jigsaw
JEANNE: Piece of sky…

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