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April 9, 2007

#2 It Was A Night Out

It Was A Night Out

We start off establishing Lance’s prowess at throwing things (which I had no idea at the time that I was going to use later, but I did!) and with background cameos in the local tavern from classic minor characters of the Lance and Eskimo multiverse: the bartender Paul; the patron The Reader; and the waitress is none other than Philharmonic, who will resurface as Mandrake’s secretary (actually, at this point–I am actually writing this on October 30, 2007–I am pretty sure that it has not been made clear that Phil used to be a waitress and that she knows Lance, or even what her name is.)

My forgetting to put the bottom of an ‘N’ in the school’s name ‘Strangely Anachronistic School for Boys,’ led to it being renamed on the fly ‘Stragely Anachronistic School for Boys’ with the headmaster (the white-haired fellow) being christened Dr. Stragely.

Title is a reference to Rocky Horror Picture Show. For some reason?

The Script (This feature is mostly for searching/archiving purposes. You can feel free to ignore it.)

Lance is throwing darts in a bar.
WAITRESS: Lance, you wanted to know when it was daylight?
LANCE: Oh yeah. Gotta get back to the compound. (grinning) Don’t want to miss my release.
Cut to Lance climbing up ivy into a tower window as two teachers talk on the stoop a ways away.
WENDELL: Doctor, can’t we keep Lance another year? I know he’s of age, but he knows nothing of the world!

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