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August 30, 2006

Lance and Eskimo and the Return of the Style Bullies

Lance and Eskimo and the Return of the Style Bullies

Ha ha ha. This one doesn’t age so well as its predecessor as the movie in question doesn’t have the same sticking power. However, the “ah-ha!” moment that I, myself, had, when realizing the pun in the title, was identical as the one which originally inspired the first Style Bullies comic.

The Script

ESKIMO (getting the mail): What’s this? From the Nobel committee? It’s for you.
LANCE (flipping a coin absently): Oh, cool. It’s here.
ESKIMO (reading the letter): Lance, you’re nominated!
LANCE (off-camera): Yeah.
ESKIMO (turning to approaching Style Bullies): Hey, bullies! Check it out–Lance is nominated for a Nobel!
STYLE BULLY 1: Just nominated.
STYLE BULLY 2 (JUSTIN): Nobel prizes are so 2006. (off Style Bully 1’s glare) I meant early 2006.
ESKIMO: Oh, don’t pretend you’re not impressed. Lance is literally a genius!
LANCE: Oh, I get it! Raising Helen!

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