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July 8, 2003

Lance and Eskimo and the Style Bullies

Lance and Eskimo and the Style Bullies

The Script

ESKIMO: Wow, Lance, what a brilliant analysis!
STYLE BULLY 1: Hey Eskimo. Nice shirt.
ESKIMO (blushing down at her little top with a bow): Well… I guess it is a little young for me.
STYLE BULLY 1: Ooh! Looks like I’m out ten bucks. I bet Justin anime girls didn’t get sarcasm.
STYLE BULLY 2 (JUSTIN): Anime is so 1998.
STYLE BULLY 1: I see Lance is still in a happy daze.
STYLE BULLY 2: Being an idiot is so 2000.
ESKIMO: Hey! Lance is smarter than you people give him credit for!
LANCE: Oh, I get it! Legally Blonde!

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