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May 28, 2008

Artifact B: Road Trip

Let me just show you this, since I’m pretty sure it will never make its way into the current storyline.

Back around the year 2001 (sketchbook 25; I think I was in tenth grade), Paul and I came up with a bunch of ideas for this comic called “The Lance and Eskimo Road Trip” which I think was supposed to run on the (then-Angelfire) website. Eskimo had gotten her driver’s license in the story, and the kids were going to take a trip across the U.S. The main gag I remember is that Eskimo had a giant stuffed teddy bear named Mr. Ruggles who would ride in shotgun whenever Lance had automatically forfeited by attempting to call it in violation of one of the rules.

Anyway, here is the only part of it I seem to have actually drawn. The scene depicts what I anticipated to be one of many long, boring stretches of driving. (The difference in picture quality in the two pages is due to the first one being badly smudged. The actual pages look more similar in real life, but the scanner exaggerated the difference.)



That’s all! I just thought you might appreciate that, in light of certain recent Neil Patrick Harris.


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