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April 9, 2009

#252 In Other Words, Please Be True


So, the two-updates-a-week lasted all of… one week. Sigh! Part of the problem is that I haven’t actually written the rest of this storyline yet.

ESKIMO: Everything is in readiness. Caryn got in this morning, and she’s taken Robbie to the zoo. She has no idea a party is waiting for her!
RORY: Impressive. Who’s coming?
ESKIMO: Just close family and friends. You, me, Lance, Caryn, Harry Ape, a magician dressed as a bear, Lance’s husband…
LANCE: Rook and I are just bar buddies.
ESKIMO: He wants to be your husband.
LANCE: He wants to toss a few back and throw some darts.
ESKIMO: He wants to get you drunk and ravish you.
LANCE: Who wouldn’t?
RORY: This is going to be the best children’s party ever!

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