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March 4, 2009

#243 The Big Reveal


Hmmm. For some reason this comic has the bizarre look of someone using multiple different-sized pens which kept running out.

Rory’s look in panel 3 is that of a man with dirt.

Krys and Lance’s exchange is one of the ones I’ve had planned for awhile. (Approximately since I got my cavity filled. 2007?)

We are totally off a schedule now. Comics will go up as I draw them.

Where were you and Eskimo last night?
KRYS: Nowhere. Why?
RORY: I saw Lance down at the bar.
KRYS: Bearing in mind that money is riding on it: Did he pick anyone up?
Krys bursts into the basement.
KRYS: Hey Lance, how’s your boyfriend?
LANCE: Listen, just because we sit together at the movies, and we support each other emotionally, and he paid for me to have my cavity filled, does not mean me and Rory are boyfriends.
KRYS: I mean the guy you made out with.
LANCE: Oh he’s fine.
ESKIMO: [jaw drops]

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