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February 11, 2009

#239 Purity of Artemis


Ha ha! Did you notice how I pushed back the update day and then missed a comic altogether? I didn’t. Anyway, Friday’s is already written, so there should be no problem there. Finished it, but forgot to upload it, and now there’s no time before work. Will be up tomorrow.

KRYS: How many times do I have to tell you people? I don’t like women.
ESKIMO: Oh, you don’t like anyone.
KRYS: That’s right.
ESKIMO: I should ask you for confirmed bachelor advice. When was the last time you made out with anybody?
Krys is silent.
ESKIMO: Oh, come on! Even I’ve made out!
KRYS: Nobody’s ever… liked me that way.
ESKIMO: Oh, woe is me. Nobody likes a six-foot D-cup Amazon.
KRYS: I don’t even know what I would… do.
ESKIMO: When the time comes, you’ll–
(Krys hits her with a pillow)

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