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#229 Anything But Love

Thursday, January 1st, 2009


Undoubtedly setting the tone for 2009, I forgot to schedule this comic for some reason. Luckily, I did already draw, scan, and upload the image, or I would be in trouble, since I’m still away on Christmas break! (It’s Christmas Eve for me right now. It’s…weird.)

Wow, I’ve never seen Lance be mean to anyone before! I guess we was bound to give Krys a bit of her own back sometime.

I find the makeshift band panel somewhat jarring here, because, from my knowledge of television, I naturally assume the montage has some kind of musical background, but then there’s different music in it! I guess we have to assume that the whole beginning part of the montage is scored with a jaunty instrumental rendition of “Angel of the Morning.”


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