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December 6, 2008

#221 Strangers in a Train Station


Oooh, convergence! Are you getting as psyched for this storyline as I am?

Let’s take this one update at a time. I’ve got a comic scheduled for Tuesday.

Krys wanders around an unfamiliar train station with a backpack. She spots a figure leaning against a wall outside.
KRYS (opening the door): Lance!
She hugs him.
KRYS: Man, Lance, you won’t believe this, but I am actually happy to see you. …Wait, when did you take up smoking? And when did you grow a beard? And when did you age ten years?
LANCESQUE MAN: When I took up smoking.
KRYS (walking away): Sorry, buddy. If you ever meet a Lance Redcloud, say nothing of this.

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