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October 22, 2008

#219 Pinball Wizard (Anguish of Eskimo)


Look, I said I’d be back in October, and October’s not out yet, okay?

But, I’m also not back, not really. I really want to get back to L&E — I have both ideas and inclination, and even some scripts written — but I’m so much busier than I thought I’d be right now. I’m trying to ease my schedule for the future somewhat, but I can’t make any promises before, like, winter break. I won’t do anything plot-essential until I’m back on a regular update schedule, but there are a few weird semi-one-shots (though not totally unrelated to the prior or future storylines) like this one I can give you sporadically in the meantime.

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Okay, this strip. This is an almost complete copy of the first page of the old comic that was originally the basis for the Eskimo part of the “Fall in Love” storyline. I decided it was better as a tag than a prelude, since throwing yourself into a weird Nutcracker pinball obsession seems like a distinctly post-breakup activity.

A slender hand pushes down on a button. A ball rolls over a pinball backdrop of a nutcracker. We see Eskimo furiously playing at the pinball machine. “MOUSE KING DEFEATED” reads the LED as Eskimo narrows her eyes. Tickets pour out of the slot. Then the ball just misses the paddle.
Eskimo stares at the machine, then sits and drops her head into her arms.

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