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September 2, 2008

#217 My Best Friend


The moral is one of the few lines that comes from the original sketchbook version of this comic.

And that’s the end of this storyline, folks! I like to end on tragedy. And a question.

Come back on Thursday for an illustration of Caryn if you like; otherwise, I am officially on hiatus. But I’m psyched for the next storyline so hopefully I will write it soon.

Dawn. Lance sits on the garden bench looking pensive. Eskimo comes out of the house and plops down beside him.
E: Well, Caryn called Jeria. Apparently the gig went great and they met some more musicians and long story short, she’s staying.
L: Ouch.
E: Nah. It’s for the best. I let her go to my head. I acted like a brute.
L: Girls.
E: Girls be damned. I’ve learned my lesson. Best friends are better than crushes, because sometimes crushes go to New York. Still best friends?
Eskimo and Lance hug it out.
E: Where’s Carole?

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