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#210 I Told You Paul, I’m a Lover Not a Fighter

Thursday, August 14th, 2008


Seven hours late! I still don’t have a buffer. Also I don’t have time to come up with an original title to this strip, so here’s some random lyrics to “The Girl is Mine.” Because I apparently have already used that one.

On a somewhat related note, there will be no Mandrake & Friends on Saturday. I have at least one more scripted before the end of the storyline, but I confused myself with the timing. You’ll see.

This is another comic where there were a lot more words scripted, but I cut them because, once the pictures we down, they seemed unnecessary. Examples: Eskimo saying “Thank you!” in the final panel; Lance murmuring “Well…” in the first panel.


Lance and Eskimo, written & drawn by Laura Hughes. Webcomic 2007-present; stories & characters developed 1998-present. Come for the surreal parody, lovable scamps, and persistent homoeroticism, stay for the passing flashes of quality!

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