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August 28, 2008

#215 Always On My Mind


This strip would do just as well if not better before the previous one, but I actually didn’t write it until Tuesday, when the previous strip had already gone up. It was a last-minute addition to the lineup in order to preserve the weekday fidelity of L&E vs Mandrake. So if it seems like filler, now you know why.

LANCE: OK, go. Ask me anything.
ESKIMO: What time is Carole coming?
LANCE: Irrelevant.
ESKIMO: Oh, for–Can we please have one conversation in our lives that’s not “Guess the Sci Fi Plot Device”?
LANCE: She’ll come when Higgins and her finish their work, I guess. Why, when is Caryn coming?
ESKIMO: Listen, it’s perfectly reasonable that she hasn’t arrived yet. She has to finish her gig and drive all the way back. It could hit four, five AM there’d still be no reason to panic!
LANCE: [blank look]
ESKIMO: It’s not weird lots of people have dates at five AM on Sunday PRE CHURCH RUSH
LANCE: I didn’t say anything.
ESKIMO: You were thinking it.
Ten Seconds Ago
LANCE (thinking, blank look): Alien autopsy alien autopsy alien autopsy

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