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#159 The New Slang

Thursday, March 20th, 2008


I thought this was all going to fit in one strip, but I didn’t count on an unnecessary and huge silhouette panel. I am getting profligate with those silhouettes.

“Who’s that in the mirror? He’s cute” is the only one of these Lance has actually said.

After I had started writing L&E, I stumbled on a set of character sketches drawn up by Paul and Nate ages ago, one of whom was a cool guy named Lance. His personal quote was “There ain’t no cure for Gorillian fever,” and since then I have used that when I need a stereotypical catchphrase for Lance. It is entirely meaningless.

He has not, to my recollection, recently claimed to do six hundred pushups a day, although he used to talk about it in the old comics.


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