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#135 They Came Upon a Midnight Clear (From Outer Space)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007


Should I explain this, or should I assume that everyone is familiar with R. Crumb’s cover art for Big Brother and Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills album? Possibly even putting the names of the band members makes it slightly more comprehensible than the 1998 version.

(Wow, compare and contrast, huh? It’s weird to think that they were celebrating a different Christmas there–I mean, even this comic, set in the past, is in the future compared to when I did that comic, if you understand what I’m saying.)

(Hm. Reviewing that old page, I see I missed a trick here by just having Lance putting on his sunglasses, and not rubbing them sleepily.)

Lance’s tank top is awfully snug. I’m guessing it’s from Jeria’s “Old Clothes” box.


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