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#136 Lord of the Dance

Thursday, December 20th, 2007


Expanding on the “Ask her to dance!” moment in the old Holiday Special. For years I have been verbally mocking Ian Gillan for introducing “Hard-Lovin’ Woman” by claiming, with seeming genuineness, “It’s nothing to do with sex or anything like that; I’m not that kind of guy” on the Nobody’s Perfect live album. Actually, not transcribed here, but he also adds, just after that, “She had great tits.” Ian. Are you that kind of guy or not? I am inclined to think that you are.

Uhhh, I’m talking about the band Deep Purple. Was that not clear?

Tiny subtle visual detail I drew and then immediately missed every time thereafter I looked at this: when Lance holds out his hand to ask Jeria to dance, there’s some romantic bubbles near the left corner of the panel. They’re coming from a bubble pipe Krys is blowing in the left of panel 1 (undoubtedly from Robbie’s Summer Fun box).


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