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#126 The Basement

Monday, December 10th, 2007


A complete character arc in one strip! Like all pirate captains, Eskimo has to juggle the competing demands of refined gentlemanliness and rough-n-tumble survivalism.

Meanwhile, Lance has his own character milestone, as he semi-intentionally makes a sexual innuendo. Actually he kind of only realized it was a sexual innuendo once he’d already said it (it started off as general buttering-up), but luckily he had said in a low, sexy growl (as he says about 50% of his speech anyway) so he had no regrets. Though if he’d had time to think about it he might have said “I like it dirty.” But hindsight is 20/20.


Lance and Eskimo, written & drawn by Laura Hughes. Webcomic 2007-present; stories & characters developed 1998-present. Come for the surreal parody, lovable scamps, and persistent homoeroticism, stay for the passing flashes of quality!

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