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Thursday, December 13th, 2007

0129holiday01_title1.gifAnd so it begins! This is an update of the original Lance and Eskimo Holiday Special as it appeared on this site so many years ago. (Like in actual 2000!) (And by “original” I mean “sort of original.” I think that itself was an update from a sketchbook comic.) So once I’ve got the strips up you can actually compare and contrast and see what kind of updates I’m making! Crazy.

Just a reminder, I’ll be updating EVERY DAY including weekends through this storyline. I’ve tried to time it so it will end on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

Lance and Eskimo, written & drawn by Laura Hughes. Webcomic 2007-present; stories & characters developed 1998-present. Come for the surreal parody, lovable scamps, and persistent homoeroticism, stay for the passing flashes of quality!

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